Settle down people. To quote (paraphrase actually) my hero Al Haig, with Rumpole gone, until the Vice President of the Blog (whomever he or she is) returns, constitutionally I am in charge here. So lets get to it: Item one: Jury starts deliberations today (Tuesday) in the Coral Gables High school case. We can only hope for justice. Item two: Emily is a tropical storm headed for the Dominican Republic. Some computer tracking has Emily emerging on the other side of the island and gaining some strength and reaching a Cat 1 level as it reaches the South Florida area around 2pm Saturday. Stay tuned to the blog for breaking weather updates. Item three: The US will NOT default on its debt. Item four: Jason Taylor returns to the Fins. That whole time in a green jets uniform is just a bad, distant memory. Item five: BIG snake. Swallow you whole….a little shakin and down you go. Site Feed

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