[Ilya Somin] Should California be Broken Up?

A movement led by tech billionaire Tim Draper has succeeded in getting a plan to partition California into three states onto the state's referendum ballot this fall. If the initiative (text available here) passes, it would still have to be approved by Congress under Article IV Section 3 of the Constitution, which at this point seems like an uphill battle. Still, none of the many other proposals to break up the nation's most populous state have gotten this far in recent years. Any division of California will necessarily involve some significant challenges. But the idea is nonetheless worthy of serious consideratoin. It has the potential to create major benefits for both Californians and the rest of the country. Most of what I wrote about California partition back in 2011 still applies today: Normally, dysfunctional state policies are constrained by the possibility of "voting with your feet." If a state imposes overly high taxes, adopts flawed regulations, or…

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