Illinois Appellate Court Affirms Defense Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case Dealing with Admissions that are Evidentiary Not Judicial

Jodi Hall sued Dr. Roberto P. Cippola for medical malpractice, claiming that he had violated the applicable standard of care by not referring Jason Hall, Jodi’s husband, to a hospital emergency room. Jason had gone to St. Joseph’s PromptCare complaining of chest pain. The receptionist at the urgent care center asked Jason to describe his symptoms. Her notes said: “Left upper chest pain, was moving a lot of metal today, ‘cramping in neck and arms sometimes.'” The applicable standard of care called for sending a patient to the emergency room if his chest pain was “suspected to be of cardiac origin.” “After examining Hall and administering an electrocardiogram, Cippola diagnosed chest wall pain – specifically, muscle strain in the chest. He prescribed aspirin and Darvocet and told him to follow up with his primary-care physician.” Jason Hall died of a heart attack a little more than three weeks later. In affirming,…

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