If We Can't Trust Our Elections…

A society that can't run a fair election is not a democracy. We really should make it a priority to be a democracy. This platitude is inspired by two sets of postings: Freedom to Tinker, NJ election cover-up (the first of three parts). Eye on Miami, Does America Have A Future? Not if Elections, Fair Districts and Campaign Finance Aren't Fixed, which follows a series on absentee ballot fraud, part one of which is Part 1 – Absentee Ballot Fraud: Vote Stolen from a Disabled Woman. I should probably add in regard to the Eye on Miami series that while I think they have done extraordinary work documenting a huge problem, I think there is a fairly strong legal argument that any solution to the terrible local absentee ballot fraud issue will require something different from what they advocate. After Bush v. Gore, Would not a solution – tighter rules on how ballots are cast and authenticated – have to be state-wide, not local, for equal protection reasons? And that runs into the problem of the same people who created the mess we're in: the Republican legislature, some of whom are beneficiaries of the frauds if not actually paymasters and instigators of it.

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