ICANN forms group to hasten non-English domain names (AP)

The decision by ICANN represents another step toward the approval of internationalized domain names, or IDNs, as early as next year. The working group will focus on domains for specific countries, such as the Chinese-character equivalent of Chinas “.cn” suffix. ICANN started technical tests on such suffixes last month, but work on policy questions is still preliminary. The organization needs to grapple with how to assign such names and resolve any conflicts or complaints. For example, should the operators of Chinas “.cn” automatically be entitled to the Chinese version of that and “.com”? What happens when a competing organization, such as Taiwans “.tw” or a private company, wants to claim it? Those questions could take years to resolve so ICANN is looking at interim procedures that would apply to country-specific domains. The working group was tasked with figuring out how to develop that process. It is to provide a status report in time for ICANNs February meetings in New Delhi….

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