ICANN and the New Top-Level Domains, panel 2

ICANN and the New Top-Level Domains “Walled Gardens:” Should gTLDs Become Private Platforms?Becky Burr, ICANN Board & Neustar: We used to talk about .kids as a walled garden/moderated content for kids, a safe space. [Based on what we know about who abuses kids, it’s not surprising that it hasn’t worked all that well.] Others are more general—open to anyone to register, but with rules for registrants. Whether that’s good or bad has to be more granular.Sarah Deutsch, ICANN Board: To me, depends on what the garden is: if it doesn’t allow other people in and there’s bad activity, such as anticompetitive activity, that wouldn’t be good. Other spaces might just be regulated. That could be a walled garden.  Worries: where someone gets exclusive rights to run a generic term as one competitor in the market.  [Example from Aufderheide: L’Oreal owning .beauty]Kathy Kleiman, Center for Information Technology,…

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