The Florida legislature has passed a law that allows Floridians to purchase uninsured motorist coverage that can be added to liability coverage. This law could save customers tens of thousands of dollars and many frustrating headaches. When an accident occurs, the driver causing the accident is responsible for the damage. Many times, the at-fault driver does not have insurance that is adequate enough to cover the losses. With uninsured motorist coverage, there is a solution. How does Uninsured Motorist Insurance Coverage Work? Suppose you just been hit by someone in a car crash. You car is destroyed and you are injured as a result of the auto accident. Now assume that you have suffered lost wages and medical bills totaling $40,000. The at-fault driver only has $20,000 in liability insurance. You're now out $20,000 because the other driver did not have enough liability insurance to compensate you for your total losses.

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