How to Prepare For In-House Legal Interviews

You must prepare for in-house legal interviews, but how? Don’t you just prepare like you did back in law school when landing your Biglaw job? Nope. Times have changed, and even robots are getting involved. “By the time you graduated from law school, you probably had multiple job interviews…So, 4-5+ years later, when you’re considering a change, you may dust off your resume and recall your prior experiences and think you’re good to go for an in-house legal interview.  Unfortunately, that may not be enough….A good legal recruiter, who knows their corporate client, can effectively guide any candidate through their client’s in-house legal interview process….I’ve noticed some key differences in those interview processes, respectively.  To complicate matters more, many companies differ in the way that they conduct their interviews.” Read: How to Prepare For In-House Legal Interviews at Special Counsel Blog

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