How to be a legal hacker

The Global Legal Hackathon is coming up this weekend, and BYU Law is getting involved again. The Hackathon’s purpose is simple: make it easier for lawyers and non-lawyers to engage with the law through thoughtfully designed web tools. One of last year’s winners is LexLucid. Attorneys volunteer on LexLucid’s website to grade company’s contracts with consumers–the terms of use agreements we often click on without thinking–and highlight areas of concern. Consumers can quickly read these reviews to see if they are comfortable doing business with the company. Case in point: I’m a bit uncomfortable using Venmo. Why? For one thing, Venmo’s contract states that Venmo can levy a $2,500 fine against customers they deem in violation of their terms, but Venmo limits its own liability to $1 (max). This is good information to have before something gets messed up with your Venmo transaction. Anyone can quickly see LexLucid’s…

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