How to Avoid Common Mistakes Made in a Hostile Divorce

Every year, thousands of Americans make the difficult decision to pursue a divorce. While many divorces can be resolved amicably through collaborative divorce or mediation, a substantial percentage of divorces become too heated for joint participation. Throughout the divorce process, you are likely to feel a wide array of emotions. Maintaining a level of calmness and composure throughout your divorce can be critically important in ensuring you do not fall into some of the most common mistakes divorcing spouses can make.  Frequent Mistakes Made in Divorce  A divorce can be the right decision for you for any number of reasons. If your partner has been dishonest, has recklessly spent marital assets, or communicates with you in an unhealthy manner, your best option may be to get out of the relationship. Listed below are some of the most common errors people make as they navigate the divorce process:  Acting Recklessly: As you finalize the separation from your…

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