How Stay Safe When Walking Your Dog in Homestead and Other Florida Communities

Walking your dog is an important way to get exercise and spend quality time with your pet. However, this everyday activity is not without risks. In fact, each year, people get seriously injured while out with their pets. Walking your dog in Homestead or your community can lead to trip and fall injuries, dog bites, and can even put you at risk for muggings. Many things can go wrong when you go out to walk your dog. You may encounter another, aggressive dog on your walk, you can trip over the leash, or your dog can bolt after a squirrel or other distraction, causing you to fall. If you are not careful, walking your dog when your dog has to head outside at night can also put you at risk of pedestrian accidents. Fortunately, there are many ways you can stay safe when you go for a walk with your favorite furry friend: Stay visible. Whether you are heading out at night or during the day, consider visibility. In the daytime, this means staying on sidewalks and areas where you can be…

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