How Regulators Can Excel

Since the start of Donald Trump’s term as President, Congress and federal agencies have targeted numerous regulations to be cut, postponed, or suspended, marking a major attempt to reduce regulation—and sparking debate over the quality and future of our regulatory system. As regulators began to face growing scrutiny in the new Administration, the Penn Program on Regulation (PPR) convened a panel discussion around the new book, Achieving Regulatory Excellence, edited by PPR’s Director, Cary Coglianese. The book defines the components of superior regulatory performance and charts a path for how regulators can seek to excel, even possibly in today’s political environment. Coglianese, the Edward B. Shils Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania and the faculty advisor to The Regulatory Review, moderated the panel discussion, which featured several of the authors of the book’s chapters. A common theme in the panel discussion emerged that…

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