How Effective is a Restraining Order in a Domestic Violence Incident?

You’ve been married to your husband for almost five years; and at the beginning of your marriage, he seemed to be the most kind-hearted individual you had ever met. Then things changed. Over the last year or so, he has been more and more abusive towards you. At first, it was just a lot of yelling and verbal insults. Now, it has progressed to physical violence. You’re tired of the abuse you have been receiving lately and decide to leave trying to find a safe place. Unfortunately, he found you. You feel afraid and alone. What can you do? Unfortunately, the above situation is more common than it should be. According to the New Jersey State Police, domestic violence incidents occur once every nine minutes (eight minutes and fifty-two seconds).  It can happen to anyone at any moment. Even when you can escape your attacker, you still have to worry about the threat. However, there is a way you can protect yourself – filing a restraining order. A restraining…

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