How Can I Avoid Creeping Credit Card Debt?

Over the past several decades, the average American household's debt level has consistently grown. However, with the recent economic hardship our country's endured, many people have found a way to pay down their total debt. Unfortunately, many of those who work hard to get out of debt often find themselves in debt again later. Here are a few suggestions to help you stay out of debt: (1) Start by making a budget. Determine your Net Monthly Income and deduct from it your regular monthly expenses, this should leave you with an idea what you have left as Disposable Income. Once you establish your disposable income, determine whether you can live within your means without using a credit card. (2) Do not get tricked into rewards that credit cards lenders offer. (3) Do not borrow money to pay off other credit card debt. (4) Understand the problem and change your habits. (5) Save up to purchase certain non-essential items, do not charge it. (6) When deciding to rebuild your credit, stay smart and start small, pay off charges every month. Paying off and staying out of debt is tough. After you create new habits, you will feel the happiness that comes with financial security. To learn more about this article, visit 10 ways to avoid creeping credit card debt.

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