Hotel Lawyer: Brand franchise owners ask “What happened to my Area of Protection?”

8 December 2018 Hotel Lawyer on Owners’ concerns with hotel brand franchise agreements — Areas of Protection or Non-competition clauses My partner Bob Braun is a senior member of our Global Hospitality Group® and has experience with many hundreds of hotel management and franchise agreements. Bob is also co-author of the Hotel Management Agreement & Franchise Agreement Handbook (3rd edition), and has first-hand experience with branding and management for every major traditional hotel brand, including a number of multi-branded properties. Today he explores the growing problem for hotel franchisees in gaining meaningful protection from other hotels operating under their franchisor’s brands. Hotel Franchise Agreements: What happened to my Area of Protection?by Bob Braun, Hotel Lawyer   This article is one result of a dialogue with experienced professionals at Expedia, and we thank them for their insight. Brand concentration, new brand proliferation…

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