Hospital Gets Sued After Performing Prostate Cancer Surgery on the Wrong Patient

Pathologists are doctors who study the cause and development of disease. These medical professionals play a vital role in a patient’s care. In fact, treatment decisions are often made solely on the opinion of a pathologist. If you have been hurt due to a pathologist’s error, you may be qualified to recover damages for your harm through a medical malpractice lawsuit. At Arfaa Law Group, our diligent Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers are committed to investigating your case and helping you figure out your next steps. An Iowa man recently won a medical malpractice case for undergoing debilitating prostate cancer surgery and then learned that he did not have cancer. Apparently, a pathologist mixed up slides of the plaintiff with another man who, in fact, did have prostate cancer. The error led to an incorrect diagnosis, and ultimately unnecessary prostate gland removal surgery in April 2017. The procedure was not only painful; it seriously damaged nearby nerves and…

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