Hospital Devices Infected by “Conficker” Worm Virus

Posted by: Salvatore J. Zambri, Esquire and Catherine Bertram, Esquire

According to, technologists monitoring the threat have determined that hundreds of medical devices used at hospitals throughout the country are infected by the computer worm known as "Conficker".  The infected devices include MRI machines and hundreds, if not thousands, of other medical devices.  Manufacturer of the devices told investigators that "none of the machines were supposed to be connected to the Internet — and yet they were. And because the machines were running an unpatched version of Microsofts operating system used in embedded devices they were vulnerable," states the report.

The report explains that "Conficker spreads by copying itself onto machines running Microsofts Windows operating system that lack the security patch from October. Conficker installs itself and periodically reaches out for directions from its maker that cause it to rewrite its code, increasing its capabilities for malicious action and decreasing its chance of detection."  Apparently, patients have not yet been harmed, but it is clear that these infected devices place patients at risk.

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