High school math is apparently off-limits for graduate students

I conducted a not-at-all scientific poll on Twitter and determined that it's of debatable propriety to expect students to perform basic algebra tasks on an exam. Although 49% of respondents thought it was perfectly fine, 51% thought requiring basic algebra skills on a Juris Doctor exam ranged through various levels of impropriety from mild to egregious. As I'm not one to stray anywhere near the borderline of impropriety, no questions requiring algebra problems will appear on my Corporations exam!   Requiring a knowledge of the most rudimentary algebra on a law school exam is: — Robert Anderson (@ProfRobAnderson) November 26, 2018 On a more serious note, it is somewhat distressing how much students' basic quantitative literacy falls of between high school and law school. Law school seems to be one of the few graduate programs in which simple high school arithmetic and math is "off limits" for teaching and examination. This probably…

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