Hermosa Beach Bar Owner Claims Police "Bird Dogging" His Business

The owner of Hermosa Beach bar, Sharkeez, has alleged that the police are "bird dogging" his clubfor DUI drivers. In one news account, the bar has the highest rate of DUI arrests for customers than any other. Newman believes that the popularity of his bars in both Hermosa and Huntington Beach is drawing excess attention to the goings-on there, and that "police officers are usually stationed outside his restaurant" " waiting to arrest patrons." According to a Hermosa Beach DUI Lawyer may be a violation of the driver's constitutional rights, illegal search and seizure. Sharkeez says that it's possible those motorists had drinks at other places after being at Sharkeez, or perhaps did not distinguish that they had been at another location. Newman insists they do not serve anyone who is "obviously," or "overly" intoxicated, but if they can tell a patron has had too much, they will cut them off. This is the law in California. According to a news source, the owner has gone on record with his allegations. Continue reading "Hermosa Beach Bar Owner Claims Police "Bird Dogging" His Business"

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