Happiness and Pain

.. probably because the pain is great … … The violence involves terror, fear, anger, rage, fury, rage, rudeness, abruptness, brutality, in terms psychological is to annihilate the power of another person, full of frightening force, no matter whether the media are psychological or physical consequences are in the SER, the self-esteem, personal value. But how: One who, or that I love so much, I abused, insulted me, hit me physically and emotionally, I was assaulted and emotionally unavailable to me? Well, then the next question is: How do I understand the love or relationship partner? The violence and shock have many faces and masks. The reality is that it is important to turn to rethink ourselves … And, yes the one with which we live makes us unhappy, or happy? Yes most of the time live on welfare or discomfort with your partner? The relationship partner, is an ingredient to be better in our lives and sharing, and be better people every day. But if not, there are several questions and approaches to solve. Each person has their own answers, and all equally valid. There is the complexity of human life possible and likely answer … It depends on each person, and everyone, of every member of the couple and the relationship itself. And each circumstance and also every biography is unique and special … but there always comes a moment of reflection in the life of every human being, and here I open a series of questions that every person, couple or not, requires solving in his own individuality. My partner assaulted me, controls me or helps me be a better person? I assaulted my partner, control it, or let him be a better person? What do I want my life regardless of the person I chose as a couple? Abuse is the root of my partner? I am violent, or my partner is violent to me? I'm really willing to live a life this way, where the essence of me is hurt, angry, resentful and full of pain? Each person in particular can answer these questions and reflect on their life together. But the reality is that violence kills everything … Love, self-esteem … faith in life … the point of it. The painful reality in silence. The truth is that if you are in a reality of this nature. It is better to open it and share it than to suffer in silence … at least it's encouraging … I do not manage to get out of the confusion because that person you love so much is precisely that which hurts us most … Paradoxically … hurt more, Who else love … But … we grow more, as they really accept who we love most … Sometimes talking to others what happens to us gives us light and understanding … If you feel trapped in these games see a specialist partner … psychotherapy is always very helpful …. I would love to write and give his opinion on the spine and issues … Yes some of the topics seem interesting would be nice to write to me and if not, too. And it offers, the launch of its E_Book WHEN LOVE BECOMES PARTNER IN PAIN. With the acquisition of this material have three free consultations with the author via e-mail. and if you want to know about our community work, please consult the following link

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