Guitar design authorship blues: delay and consent defeat (c), ROP, other claims

Webster v. Abbott, 2018 WL 7352411, No. 8:17-cv-01795-T-02CPT (M.D. Fla. Nov. 30, 2018)Webster is a luthier and guitar technician who goes by “Buddy Blaze.” Around 1985, he modified a Dean ML guitar and had the guitar painted blue with a lightning graphic. He gave the guitar to a friend, Darrell Abbott, who called it “The Dean from Hell” (DFH) and then went on to become a guitarist in the band Pantera known as “Dimebag Darrell.” In 2004, Abbott signed an “endorsement-type” contract with Dean Guitars (and was then murdered). Dean Guitars began to sell copies of the DFH. After Abbott’s funeral, the former owner of Dean Guitars contacted Abbott about painting a copy of the DFH for release, but Webster explained that another person had painted the original version at his direction. After he knew Dean Guitars was selling DFH replicas, Webster also lent photographs to Dean Guitars for a display at the 2005 National Association of…

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