Grammer and Donatacci Still Struggling with Child Custody

Almost a year ago, on July 1, 2010, we learned of Kelsey Grammer's and Camille Donatacci's Los Angeles divorce. (Read more of Keeping it Private in the Best Interests of the Children: Cheers to the Grammers.) When news of their split first surfaced, the couple begged the public and fans to respect their privacy in the best interests of their two minor children. The divorce was final on February 10, and Kelsey married Kayte Walsh on February 25. Problems for Kelsey and Camille continue to fester, however, over child custody arrangements. Divide the Children. Even though the divorce was finalized in February, custody issues continue with the couple's two adopted children: daughter Mason (9) and son Jude (6). Reportedly Kelsey sought sole custody of both children, but his custody proposal from April indicates a departure from that earlier position. Kelsey and Camille continue to mediate their custody issues. To assist the couple and the Court in making a decision, a child custody evaluator is working on the family law case, assessing the parents and the two children for custody recommendations. And it looks like Kelsey is pushing for a trial to follow the evaluator's completed report. The Court's temporary custody orders are only in place until the beginning of July, so a permanent custody arrangement is just around the corner, one way or another. If the parents cannot resolve their custody problems, then the Court will decide the matter for them. Custody issues may often be the most contentious for couples to work through and, by all appearances, this has become a high conflict child custody case. Splitting the children up, which is what Kelsey is now proposing to do, is being met with significant resistance from Camille. On April 29, Kelsey's attorney, Lance S. Spiegel, presented a written proposed custody plan to Camille attorneys (Neal R. Hersh and Judy Bogen). The most significant aspect of the proposal being that Kelsey wanted to separate the two children. He is asking for custody of Jude (with plans to enroll his son in a Chicago area school); Camille would have primary physical custody of Mason. However, Camille and Kelsey would "share joint legal custody of both children." Kelsey's plan included arrangements for each parent to have both children at least "one weekend per month." The proposal also presented a detailed vacation parenting time schedule. Camille, not surprisingly, filed a request for primary physical custody of both children earlier this week. Clearly, she is not in favor of splitting the children up and keeping them away from each other day-to-day. Curiously, as much as the couple sought privacy for the benefit of their children early on in their divorce, Camille released confidential communications to the tabloids specifically about her children's custody. One has to wonder why she would do so, if not to attempt to influence the case and put Kelsey in a bad light with the public. We know from experience how contentious child custody matters can become. At the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart, our family law attorneys provide legal advice concerning parental rights in any dispute concerning child custody. For information about our ability to help resolve your custody issue and to learn what options may be available to you, please give us a call today. Resources: Chicago Sun-Times: Kelsey Grammer Battles Ex-Wife for Sole Custody of Kids Daily Mail: Custody Battle Heats Up Between the Grammers as Camille Accuses Kelsey of 'Only Wanting Their Son'

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