Google gaffes: Help keep your judge out of trouble

The ease of the internet has allowed us to instantly satisfy any curiosity. What happens when a judge is curious to learn more about facts beyond what the parties have presented? Consider the following scenario. Scroll all the way down for the answer. Grace represents Wife in a contentious custody battle over their twin girls who are 7 years old. Michael represents Husband. The matter is pending before Judge Shore. The Wife has testified that she is an author of children’s stories and poems. Throughout the custody battle, the Husband has argued that the Wife is an unfit mother.  The Wife has been cold, mean and angry. On at least two occasions in court, the Wife would interrupt the proceeding to yell at the Husband and a screaming match would ensue.   After court one day, the Judge decided to Google the Wife. He found excerpts from her books and poems; and book reviews that raved about her talent. The Judge reasoned that the Wife had to be a very caring and…

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