Getting Divorced in San Antonio

There are two ways to divorce in Texas: you can hire a San Antonio collaborative divorce attorney and avoid a nasty court fight or you can engage a San Antonio litigation attorney and endure an adversarial divorce at the court house.   In a collaborative divorce you control the outcome, the collaborative team helps you negotiate a settlement that meets your goals and interests, all information is shared openly, you avoid harm to your children, and save money compared with the average litigated divorce.  In a litigated San Antonio divorce, the attorneys control the case, your goals and interests are often secondary, information is hidden, attorneys engage in extensive discovery fights and contested hearings, each side attempts to win, the children may be put in the middle, and litigation costs more on average than a collaborative divorce.  A Litigated Divorce File and Serve a Petition The first step in a San Antonio litigated divorce is to file an…

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