From judge to judged, Simon Cowell is named in divorce scandal

Simon Cowell is well-known for his often brutal critiques of contestants' performances on "American Idol." He is no longer a judge on the hit reality show, and, in fact, is being judged himself – in a divorce dispute. But how can someone who isn't even married wind up at the center of a child and spousal support battle? It is quite a unique case, wherein the wife involved in the dispute dragged Cowell's and other wealthy businessmen's names into what's being called a defamatory accusation of scandal and deceit. According to reports, the 47-year-old estranged wife of a British business mogul is charging her husband with hiding a significant amount of assets from her during their divorce proceeding. She thinks he is trying to avoid losing some of his billions in the split and has, therefore, taken dishonest measures to make it look like he shouldn't have to pay more support to his family (his wife and two daughters.) Where does Cowell come in? Well, according to the wife's allegations, Cowell is part of the dishonest measures that the 49-year-old husband employed to hide his true financial situation. The wife alleges that her soon-to-be-ex depended on Cowell and others to hide some of his money in their accounts. Yesterday, the judge overseeing the case reportedly said that the wife's allegations are not backed up with sufficient evidence. She, however, says that her suspicions are still being investigated. Cowell did not appear in court regarding the alleged scandal this week, but his attorney represented him, saying that there was no truth to the accusation. The allegations that have come out against Cowell in this family law debacle have been printed in the media, smearing Cowell's name. If the charges are unfounded, as the star and his attorney assert, then they could have a solid defamation case on their hands. Source Daily Mail: "Simon Cowell refutes 'scandalous' claims he helped billionaire hide assets from wife he was divorcing," 13 Apr. 2011

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