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It's a cycle . . .Weaver v. Weaver, 2018 VT 56By Chris LarsonIn family court, when hunting in my mind for support for a proposition I hope is legally sound, I’m tempted (I’ve actually done this) to cite Weaver. Odds are, this reference is correct, as the Weavers have been to the Supreme Court so many times that any proposition is probably supported in one of their cases. To the list of such citable propositions, add this: think twice before representing your spouse in the spouse’s divorce proceeding.The most recent iteration of this long-standing battle (this one) upholds a trial court decision holding mother in contempt for failing to comply with an order placing the parties’ minor child in father’s care.Curiously, or perhaps not, the Court also remands the case to determine whether father’s attorney, also his spouse, should be disqualified from further representing him.The background for the recent decision is simple: mother apparently…

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