Former Sacramento Police Officer Charged By District Attorney

Former Sacramento police officer Brandon Mullock was charged on Wednesday with 34 criminal violations by the Sacramento District Attorney's Office. These charges come nearly a year and half after discrepancies in some of Mullock's reports brought about an investigation by the D.A.'s office and the Sacramento Police Department. It all began after Mullock was arrested in January, 2010, for brandishing a weapon. A review of Mullock's cases brought to light inconsistencies between what was in some of his arrest reports and evidence provided by audio and video recordings made with equipment on his patrol vehicle. In September, 2010, the D.A.'s office decided to throw out 79 cases – mostly DUIs – which used Mullock's reports or testimony in bringing charges against the defendants. Some of these cases had already resulted in convictions. The D.A.'s office had to then arrange for refunds of fees and removal of driving suspensions. The charges against Mullock include 10 counts of perjury and 24 counts of falsifying police reports and carry a potential prison sentence of nearly 24 years. If you have questions about a DUI arrest, call Sacramento defense attorney Nancy King at (916) 442-1200 for a free and confidential consultation.

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