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Foreclosures are currently down in Florida, but that may be causing other financial issues for Florida's already struggling court systems. This drop has resulted in less funding available to fund Florida's court system. It is not certain if the reduction in foreclosure filings is temporary. A new committee met to discuss the issues and try to determine how to solve the problem. Committee staffer Claude Hendon briefed the panel on how courts are funded and added that in past years the Legislature has replaced funds for the court system with money raised by court fees, especially from foreclosure filings, where court fees can be as much as $2,000. This puts the courts in a situation where they have been accused of rushing through foreclosures in order to charge court fees to keep the courts going. This is one of the reasons why home owners should always hire a Jacksonville foreclosure lawyer as soon as foreclosure proceedings begin. In years past, most funding for the courts came from general revenues, but with large budget cuts nearly all of local courts funding comes from fees charged from the courts, while only a small percent is obtained through general funding. A large portion of the filing fees providing these funds are foreclosures. Herndon said foreclosure cases are dropping, "and that's creating some pressure on their budgets." Before the meeting, State Courts Administrator Lisa Goodner said the decline in filings were likely from moratoriums put in place by several major banks and mortgage companies after stories surfaced of problems with foreclosure paperwork. These problems included accusations of forged documents, mis-dated documents and invalid notary signatures. If these issues are resolved, it's likely that filings will increase, she said. The issue of speedy trials was raised by Sen. Mike Bennett . He noted a case in his home circuit that went on for three years before the case ever made it before a judge. He also referenced a case in Colorado that has gone on for seven years without ever making it to trial. "In criminal courts, they have the speedy trial rule. In civil courts, they do everything they can to avoid a speedy trial," he stated. "The attorneys for both sides will continue to ask for delays until one of them runs out of money. I think we should see what we could do to have speedy civil trials." Bennett said the committee can tell groups who are searching for money to run the court system that "it's going to be very difficult for us to fund these sorts of things if they're not going to do something." Over the past ten years, courts have had funding issues even when budgets were not tight. A chart shown to the group showed that each year for the past decade, the Supreme Court has insisted upon the need for new judges. New judges were approved in only a few of those years, and never the number requested by the Court. As economic difficulties have increased the burdens on the courts, no new judges have been approved in past three years. A drop in foreclosure filings in Florida should be a good sign of economic recovery. It seems to be in response to failings by the court systems in ensuring the validity of foreclosures. Now that the courts are struggling to find funds, it seems unlikely they will clean up their act. Do not be a victim of politics and the court's budget crisis. Only a Jacksonville foreclosure lawyer can help you fight for your home if you are being pushed into a foreclosure. Do not try to fight a bank trying to take your home by assuming the cash strapped court system will help you, hire a Jacksonville foreclosure lawyer to be on your side. Links: Court funding sources under review, by, January 10, 2011 Tags: Jacksonville foreclosure lawyer, Jacksonville foreclosure attorney, Jacksonville bankruptcy lawyer, jacksonville bankruptcy attorney, Foreclosure lawyer Jacksonville, foreclosure attorney jacksonville, bankruptcy lawyer jacksonville, bankruptcy attorney jacksonville, bankruptcy jacksonville, foreclosure jacksonville

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