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Here's the latest on two of the most-watched situations in the employment law universe (in as few words as possible) . . . NFL Lockout Q: Will there be football next year? A: Maybe. Yesterday, U.S. District Judge Susan Nelson granted the players' demand for an injunction to lift the owners' lockout. Theoretically, that ends the work stoppage but the NFL immediately indicated that it will appeal. A few players showed up for work today but, as expected, locks were still on the doors. For more on this fascinating study in labor relations dynamics, click here. Health Care Q: Will the Supreme Court rule on the various state challenges to the health care law anytime soon? A: No. Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a request by Virginia's Attorney General to fast track the state's challenge to the law. The AG asserted that disputes over the law have "roiled America" and have the nation "mired in uncertainty." The Supremes will only bypass the normal appeal procedure in cases of "imperative public importance" that "require immediate determination." The Court found neither in this case. Federal courts have issued varying rulings on the constitutionality of the law, including whether the government may mandate the purchase of health care. Three appeals courts are scheduled to hear arguments on those decisions in the next few months. The Supreme Court gave no indication of how they might ultimately rule on the issue. Stay tuned.

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