Food Safety & The BIG Game

The BIG Game is upon us folks. Even if you don’t follow football, there is electricity in the air this time of year. Fans from across the globe gather in front of their televisions, local pubs, or in the stadium itself to watch a historic match between the two best teams of this year. A lot of time, money, and food goes into making this the best night possible. This is why Big Game Food Safety is such an important things for all of us to remember. What kind of food safety fan would I be if I didn’t talk about the best ways to entertain guests without sending them home unhappy they came to your party? Food poisoning is a real danger when lots of food is left out for a long time. Today, let’s talk about what I feel is the most important part of food safety during the Big Game: times, temps, and touchdowns. When the big night is here, you need to already have read through and memorized your playbook. What are you going to fix? How much? Who’s going to be…

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