Five students on how they faced their biggest challenges in law school

Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you’re going to face challenges and burdens during law school, along with unforeseeable circumstances, that will test your ability to succeed. Nobody can tell you the best way to handle stress because what works is unique to each individual. But what may help you is to take a glimpse behind the scenes of law school success stories to hear about the hidden challenges that often go untold. These stories reveal the challenges five students faced while pursuing their dreams and the creative solutions they found that enabled them to overcome their challenges. They also highlight some of the support networks that make the law school journey more manageable and less isolating. Resources that work for you Even after building the perfect schedule for the semester or the dream multiyear plan, extraordinary circumstances can affect your ability to follow through. For Stephen Caines, a 3L at the University of Miami School of Law, finding…

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