Five Illnesses That Doctors Often Misdiagnose

When a patient receives medical advice and recommendations, he or she can sometimes assume that the doctor is giving a perfect diagnosis every time. However, human error occurs and there are times where your doctor will make a mistake. Depending on the illness and the combination of symptoms, a doctor could misdiagnose you and the illness you have. 5 Commonly Misdiagnosed Illnesses Parkinson’s disease. Currently no official lab tests can confirm Parkinson’s disease. Because of this, it will be completely up to your doctor to observe your condition and make any decisions based on what you tell them. This makes it difficult to accurately understand Parkinson’s disease. Your doctor might accidentally diagnose you with it when you have another movement disorder. Lyme disease. In order to properly diagnose for Lyme disease, someone actually has to visit a “Lyme literate medical doctor” or LLMD in order to confirm the diagnosis. These physicians have…

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