Filing a Suit Against a PA Government Agency Over a Car Crash Just Got Easier

Over the past five years in Pennsylvania, if a vehicle owned and operated by a municipal entity in the Commonwealth (such as SEPTA or the local water authority) was involved in a collision while the vehicle wasn’t in motion, the Commonwealth or entity was not liable for paying any damages. This means if a car owned by a municipal entity was parked illegally on the road or positioned vulnerably in the roadway, and you hit it, you would not be able to bring a suit against that person or authority even if the primary reason for the crash was the way the vehicle was parked. These suits were banned by Pennsylvania’s Sovereign Immunity Act. The Act only allows the Commonwealth itself to be sued for damages in specific limited cases and only for a limited amount of damages. In a vehicle accident involving a Commonwealth vehicle, prior court rulings determined that if a vehicle owned by a state entity was not moving (parked or stopped) then the state or its entity is…

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