Fifth Court Rejects ‘Material Support for Terrorism’ Claims Against Social Media Sites–Crosby v. Twitter

[Just a reminder that Section 230’s evisceration will happen upon Pres. Trump’s signature] Victims of the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, aided by the indefatigable 1-800-LAWFIRM and Excolo Law, sued social media providers. They alleged that the shooter was inspired by ISIS, ISIS published content on social media, and therefore the social media providers should be legally accountable for the shooting. Similar lawsuits have gone nowhere in court, and this one doesn’t either. However, in this case, the judge doesn’t rely on Section 230 to dismiss the complaint. Instead, the lawsuit discusses and rejects four prima facie elements before addressing the problems with causation. 1) No international act of terrorism. The court says: Those statements suggest, at most, nothing more than that ISIS posts information on the Internet, which might be communicated over international borders. But nothing in those statements points to any element of…

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