Federal Judge Ends Trump Administration Practice of Arbitrarily Detaining Asylum Seekers

A federal judge in the District of Columbia has effectively ended the Trump administration’s practice of detaining asylum seekers indefinitely and denying them parole, citing that this goes against government policy. The ruling was the result of a challenge brought forth by the ACLU and several other organizations on behalf of nine detained asylum seekers who have been jailed for up to two years. None of these individuals have committed any crimes and all were initially determined to have credible reasons for seeking asylum. The court ordered Department of Homeland Security officials to go back and review the case of each individual involved in the class action suit and decide which of them should be released on humanitarian parole. Furthermore, while the lawsuit is ongoing, the order prevents ICE from detaining any applicants for asylum for more than a week, unless they have reviewed the case and found credible evidence that the individual poses a threat to national…

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