Federal Court Refuses to Force National Labor Relations Board to Reopen Wrongful Termination Case

When workers are party to a collective bargaining agreement, they typically have rights beyond those generally afforded to employees under the law. When an employer runs afoul of the provisions of such an agreement, there may be consequences, including an Atlanta employment law claim and/or proceedings before the National Labor Relations Board. If a party is aggrieved by the decision of the Board, there is the possibility of further review from an appellate court. Facts of the Case In a recent federal case, the petitioner was a private security contractor that provided protective services to the Internal Revenue Service. Under the agreement between the contractor and the IRS, the contractor was obligated to ensure that the guards that it hired to perform work for the IRS conformed to certain, specifically enumerated standards of conduct. To this end, the contractor designed a discipline system that it intended to use in order to monitor the guard’s compliance with the…

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