FCC asked to halt GPS-jamming network

by Sara M. Langston with the blog faculty Source: AOPA The Federal Communications Commission, now in possession of clear evidence that a proposed mobile communications network jams GPS signals, should recall approval it granted network venture LightSquared, and begin a full rulemaking process in the case, said AOPA and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA). The two associations, participants in the technical working group in the case through their representatives on the Program Management Committee of RTCA Inc., filed formal comments with the FCC on Aug. 1. AOPA and GAMA strongly urged the FCC to recall the waiver granted in January to LightSquared conditional on tests and solutions to now-confirmed interference with GPS. LightSquared has "entirely failed" to solve interference problems, which threaten the future of a GPS-based air traffic system-and no technology exists to provide a remedy, they said in the joint filing. [more]

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