False Rape and My Life..

It was in late September… I've been talking to a girl and she kept talking about stuff saying "let's hang out", or "let's go do something sometime". I'm a very friendly guy and wanted to get away from my friends for a little bit before going out that night so I agreed. I don't want to say many details, because we're going to trial.. But one thing led to another we did have sex and everything seemed 100% fine. I said that i had to get back to my friends cause i was DD'ing… I dropped her off where she wanted to go and said that i'd call her/text her later.. Later i did, but she didn't return my text.. so i went to sleep.. the next day i heard the police were looking for me so i went to a police station and asked what was going on and talked to the one policeman i knew as a kid… whenever another person got there… I was charged on rape… Obviously she had a boyfriend and well… i guess crying Rape got her out of coming clean.. i just can't believe that i'm in this situation.. i've never had any kind of record i'm praying i get this ARD program.. if it's through trial or a plea.. i'm running out of money but i'll take this as far as it goes.. I can't believe that people would just let this go on..

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