FAIL Alert: Creepy Guys/Date Rapists Make Video To Get Laid

I'm pretty sure this video is satire. As a notorious Internet troll, I applaud these guys. At least I hope they are trolling. Yet I regularly heard statements like these in college. Guys like this do exist – in droves. Or they pretend to exist. I am confident my female readers (42% of this blog's readership is female) would not have sex with any of these guys. It's a shame, too, since a couple of the guys are marginally cute. There's no need for them to be sexless. Yet, more broadly, they are evidence of the dangers women face. First, guys in these videos are more likely to rape women. A man with options doesn't supplicate – because he doesn't have to. As these guys have no consensual sexual options, they will either turn to porn (likely child porn), trips to Thailand (there's a 100% chance those old guys have been on a sex tourist trip), or post-yoga rape. Guard those drinks and install some spikes on the yoga mats! Second, what if every guy in the United States were like these "men"? More and more are becoming this way. In San Francisco, about 50% of guys are like the ones in this video. One friend put it perfectly, "Guys in San Francisco are mushy." As San Francisco is feminism's ground zero, you can expect mushiness to come to a neighborhood near you. Aside from the sexual repulsiveness of mushy men, there are broader implications. A woman cannot be equal in a society where men do not allow it. The Constitution guarantees women equal protection under the laws. Yet what would happen if men decided to ignore the law? When Chief Justice John Marshall of the United States Supreme Court issued an opinion Supreme Alpha Male Andrew Jackson didn't like, Jackson replied, "John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it!" Jackson controlled the armies and federal police. What would the Supreme Court do – issue him a contempt citation? Female equality can only exist in a society where other men will enforce it. What happens when these are the only men left to enforce the law? What do you suppose will then happen to female equality? (Hint: Look at a map of Muslim nations.) Via Delusion Damage, who actually watched the video. (I gave it a fast-forward-and-skim job.)

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