Facebook Deletes Anti-Unite the Right Event, Claiming Russian Involvement

Facebook stumbled this week—again—in its effort to police "misinformation": it deleted an event page for the anti-fascist protest "No Unite the Right 2 – DC." Facebook justified the deletion by claiming that the event was initially created by an "inauthentic" organization with possible Russian connections. In fact, a number of legitimate local organizations and activists had become involved in administering and planning the event. These activists weren't given an opportunity by Facebook to explain or present evidence that they were involved in what had become a very real protest. Nor were they given a chance to dispute claims that the original organizers had Russian connections. So what makes a protest “real"? Is it who organizes it, or who attends? And what happens when a bad actor creates an event with the intent to sow discord, but prospective attendees take it seriously and make it their own? These are all…

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