Ex Etiquette: Keeping Things Civil During and After Divorce

The vast majority of divorcing and divorced spouses do not want to fight. However, a dynamic of disagreeableness, once started, can be very tough to change. If you are in this situation, what can you do? We have two suggestions for you. First, consider working with an attorney who practices collaborative law. This practice was developed to help couples resolve highly contentious issues in a divorce without having to resort to litigation, where key decisions about the couple’s future get made by a judge.  Collaborative Divorce Starts With an Agreement, or Contract Lawyers deal with contracts every day. But what, you may be wondering, do contracts have to do with a divorce? In legal terms, marriage is a contract between two people. But it is one formed between two people who love each other and want to be bonded to one another.  Divorce is essentially the creation of a new contract. But this time, it is is one that stems from essential disagreements between…

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