Everything You Need to Know about Military Divorce

As much as separation seemed to be unavoidable in typical marriages these days, the same goes to military couples or those who have spouses who are on duty to protect the nation. Divorce between a person in uniform and his spouse have a pretty much the same procedure as the others. In the military, divorce is considered to be a personal issue and thus leaves the matter to the civilian court. However, there are some considerations to be done when it comes to military divorce. There are laws protecting both the military person and his or her spouse during and after the divorce.  Rights as a Member of the Military Since military members do not permanently stay in one place when at duty, they have some choices on when or where to file their divorce. They can choose to file either on the permanent residence of the spouse filing the divorce or of the military personnel or the place where the military member is stationed. The court gives consideration if the…

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