Estate of Kerkorian (Cal. Ct. App. – Jan. 19, 2018)

You see in today's opinion a story of what is unquestionably true love:"Two days before the wedding, [Kirk] Kerkorian gave . . . (Mandekic) $10 million with written instructions to give the money to petitioner upon their marriage “as a transfer from [Kerkorian] to [petitioner] outside of [Kerkorian’s] estate and . . . in place of any transfer to [petitioner] that [Kerkorian] might make upon [his] death.” The day before the wedding, petitioner signed a “Waiver of Marital Rights” (the waiver) in which she relinquished any right to receive assets of Kerkorian’s estate through intestate succession, under Kerkorian’s will, or as an omitted spouse pursuant to statute. Mandekic then transferred $10 million to petitioner as directed. . . .Petitioner and Kerkorian separated roughly two months later. Kerkorian died just over a year thereafter, in June 2015. His will was admitted to probate, and Mandekic was qualified to serve as…

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