Establishing Prejudice in a LPTA Protest

  As I’ve covered here before, low-priced, technically acceptable procurements (LPTA) shine a light on a contractor’s ability to provide the required services at the lowest possible cost to the government.  Leave your style points at home.  It is all about getting lean to win the award. But when the evaluation is that simple, is there any room to challenge an LPTA award decision?  The answer is Yes — and a recent GAO protest offers some important insights into best practices. The protest concerned an Air Force contract to provide tactical recovery kits.  Covering both LPTA bases, the protester argued that the agency (1) unreasonably found that the awardee technically acceptable and (2) conducted inadequate discussions concerning price. Other the first question, GAO disagreed that the agency erred in evaluating the awardee’s proposal.  Stated differently, the agency determined that the awardee’s proposal was technically…

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