Establishing an employee organization

Establishing an employee organizationDeclaratory ruling, 32 PERB 6601 Thinking of starting your own employee organization for the purpose of collective bargaining with a public employer? Then your next question should be: What does it take to be considered an employee organization for the purposes of the Taylor Law. This was the question underlying the New York State Public Employees Association's [NYSPEA] petition seeking a determination by PERB that it was an employee organization within the meaning of the Public Employees' Fair Employment Act — Article 14 of the Civil Service Law. PERB Administrative Law Judge Philip L. Maier ruled that NYSPEA was such an employee organization, having met the following standards: 1. NYSPEA had adopted a constitution and by-laws indicating that it was organized and exists to improve the terms and conditions of employment only of employees in the public sector and was not affiliated with any other employee organization. 2. NYSPEA's officers were to be elected from among its members and NYSPEA dues and agency fees were the property of the association and negotiations were to be conducted by its members. 3. NYSPEA established negotiating committees staffed by its members and had adopted a contract ratification procedure. As NYSPEA satisfied these minimal requirements, its petition was granted.

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