ERISA Discretionary Clauses

Discretionary Clauses in Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) policies — In protecting deference in the face of substantial claims procedure violations, the United States 5th Circuit’s position not only conflict with other United States Circuits but with the Texas Department of Insurance and other state insurance commissioners regarding what is fair to an insured.  In the balance between an individual insured’s rights and the efficiency of the federal court system, the 5th Circuit has found the latter to be more important, perceiving de novo review to be a threat to the court’s efficiency.  The Texas Department of Insurance and Texas legislators perceive deference to be a greater threat. In 2010, the Texas Commissioner of Insurance wrote as follows regarding discretionary clauses in policies that are meant to bind a court to deferential standard of review: “Discretionary clauses are unjust, encourage misrepresentation, and are…

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