Episode 29: Let Me Point Out This "Unpublished" Opinion, Because It Doesn't Exist

Introduction Friend, avid listener, and token representative law student Scott Kuhagen joins the 'cast this episode. Laura passed the bar. Whew. Josh has a special oral argument before an appellate court at his alma mater. Aww. In the News Revisiting a topic we discussed last time: Eric Schmidt claims Google's acquisition of Motorola Mobility isn't about the patents… More about our trolling pals at Righthaven: are they on the ropes? Does it violate federal anti-wiretap laws to remotely take control over your stolen computer? A federal court thinks it can be. Yay for cash-strapped state government: Amazon has agreed to collect sales taxes in California You're Doing It Wrong The Ninth Circuit refuses to publish an opinion so it doesn't reflect poorly on the parties, and draws more attention to that opinion, which will still show up in legal databases, than if it'd just quietly left the opinion unpublished. Josh raises an ethical question about hourly billing and efficiency. Love for Our Geeks @ouij brought this proposed change to the iTunes Licensing Agreement to our attention – but Josh forgot to talk about it. Like What You Hear? If you like what you hear, please consider giving us a positive review on iTunes, leave your comments (here and/or there) and, of course, subscribe to the podcast. We want to talk about what you want to hear about! Send questions, ideas, comments, complaints, and corrections by email to podcast /at/ legalgeekery /dot/ com. Related posts: Episode 26: Just riffin' on bar exams, summering, and Bitcoin Laura and I throw down for a semi-impromptu LG podcast…. Episode 28: I Paid $12.4 Billion and All I Got Was This Lousy Patent Portfolio As always, if you like what you hear, PLEASE support… Legal Geekery Podcast Episode 23 Fed Ct Website Updates, Racial Bias and the Death Penalty,… Legal Geekery Podcast Episode 24 US News Rankings, iPad 2, Twitter trademark, bar review, LG…

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