Employment Law in 1 Word

We concluded last week's webinar with a question: If you had to boil all of HR and employment law down into ONE simple word, what would it be? We got more than 2,000 text answers from our audience. As I scrolled through 'em, I found it realllllllllly interesting to see how people responded to this deceptively simple question. Here's just a sampling of what our audience said: Yikes Headache Chaos Scary Crazy Impossible Changing Complicated Confusing Infinite Employee-friendly Lawsuits Loopholes Flexible Inflexible Risk Caution Appreciation Compensation Documentation Communication Accommodation Consistency Equality Integrity Honesty Fairness Reasonableness Appreciation Engagement Relationships Leadership Trust Respect Compassion Caring Listen Smile Whew. Quite the diversity of opinions. While many of these are absolutely awesome answers, in my humble opinion the one word that best captures the heart of what the law is really all about is … LOVE Want fewer lawsuits? LOVE your employees. Want fewer unions? LOVE your employees. Want less government regulation and investigation? LOVE your employees. Want more engagement, productivity, retention and profit? LOVE your employees. Times are really, really, really, very, really tough out there. Treat everyone around you the way you'd like to be treated – with dignity and respect … and LOVE. It's really that simple.

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