Elections Have Consequences, on Future Elections

The election of President Donald Trump set in motion the aggressive rollback of Obama-era environmental regulations, healthcare provisions, and protections for LGBT individuals and immigrants. After nearly two years of the Trump presidency, Americans, and particularly the 40 percent who did not vote in 2016, may see clearly now that elections have consequences. So too, do U.S. Supreme Court decisions, and the recent decision in Husted v. A. Philip Randolph Institute is an unfortunate case in point. In Husted, the Court upheld an Ohio law that is squarely aimed at knocking President Barack Obama’s winning coalition off the voter registration rolls. More than just reversing a single policy or regulation, Husted rolls back President Obama’s historic accomplishment of inspiring young people and communities of color to engage in the political process for the first time. In the most recent term, the Court ruled that, under federal law, Ohio is permitted to begin a process…

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