Edward Wedbush Under Regulatory Scrutiny by NYSE Concerning Allegations of Failure to Supervise Certain Trades

On October 16, 2017, NYSE Regulation — the regulatory enforcement subsidiary of NYSE Arca, Inc. (“NYSE”) — filed a Complaint against Wedbush Securities Inc. (“Wedbush”) (CRD# 877), and its founder, Mr. Edward Wedbush.  The Complaint centers on Wedbush’s alleged systemic failure to supervise certain trading purportedly conducted by its owner and founder, Mr. Wedbush, who allegedly devoted “several hours each trading day actively managing and trading in more than 70 accounts.” As alleged by NYSE Regulation, “Despite Mr. Wedbush’s active trading in dozens of customer, personal, and proprietary accounts, Respondents failed to implement any process to monitor or supervise Mr. Wedbush’s order entry, trade executions, or trade allocations…” in certain accounts controlled by Edward Wedbush (“Controlled Accounts”).  Further, NYSE Regulation has alleged that Mr. Wedbush utilized a…

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